Nathan Graves

Assistant to the Executive Director

Phone: (315) 793-7000
Email: nathan.graves@lasmny.org
Office: Utica, NY

Cheryl Edwards, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

Phone: (315) 793-7000
Email: cheryl.edwards@lasmny.org
Office: Utica, NY

Betsy Krupar, Esq.

Managing Attorney, Syracuse Office

Phone: (315) 703-6600
Email: betsy.krupar@lasmny.org
Office: Syracuse, NY

Cindy Hendrickson, Esq.

Director of Litigation

Phone: (315) 793-7000
Email: cindy.hendrickson@lasmny.org
Office: Utica, NY

Alice Decker, Esq.

Managing Attorney, Oneonta Office

Phone: (607) 433-2220

Email: alice.decker@lasmny.org

Office: Oneonta, NY

Paul Lupia, Esq.

Executive Director

Phone: (315) 793-7000
Email: paul.lupia@lasmny.org
Office: Utica, NY

Arlene Sanders, Esq.

Managing Attorney, Pro-Bono Programs

Phone: (607) 231-5900
Email: arlene.sanders@lasmny.org
Office: Binghamton, NY

Terry Whelan, Esq.

Managing Attorney, Watertown Office

Phone: (315) 955-6700
Email: terrence.whelan@lasmny.org
Office: Watertown, NY

Alex Simon

Director of Development & Communication

Phone: (315) 793-7037
Email: Alex.Simon@lasmny.org
Office: Central New York

Christina Reilly, Esq.

Managing Attorney, Utica Office

Director of Intake

Phone: (315) 793-7081
Email: christina.reilly@lasmny.org
Office: Utica, NY

Lauren Praske, Esq.

Managing Attorney, Binghamton Office

Phone: (607) 231-5900
Email: lauren.praske@lasmny.org
Office: Binghamton, NY

Christine McClean

Director of Human Resources

Phone: (315) 793-7000
Email: christine.mcclean@lasmny.org
Office: Utica, NY

Nouran Zohdy, MBA

Finance Manager, Utica Office

Phone: (315) 793-7000
Email: nouran.zohdy@lasmny.org
Office: Utica, NY

(877) 777-6152

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